The process of a rental or sale, whether it be a commercial or residential object, can be complicated. Our mediation can cover the entire process, or certain aspects of it.

Offering any objects from your file via our office at least entails:

  • Placement on various professional platforms;
  • Elaborate recording of the object including our own description, measurements and professional photographs;
  • Expert negotiation, focussing on finding balance between every ones wishes, while correctly considering the specific circumstances of each case;
  • Drafting and finalizing any agreements as well as legally correct processing;
  • Support with object delivery and after care.

We also put great value on providing excellent service to any candidate who is interested in an object from our file.

Lastly we make an effort to provide in offering rental objects in the higher segment. For the tenant who is looking for quality and proper luxury, we’re the perfect fit with beautiful objects, such as modern penthouses or luxuriously renovated 19th century manners, to choose from.

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