About us

In the late middle ages, courtliness was a concept well known at the courts of the royals. One was supposed to behave well mannered, in accordance with certain social standards regarding clothing, etiquette, conversational subjects and social interaction.

In our current modern society we interpret courtliness as a correct, open communication, which will ultimately lead to optimal results.

Whether it concerns rental, sale or management of property: when it comes to providing advice and mediation it’s necessary to invest proper care, expertise and communication to let things run their rightful course. As a young and dynamic organisation we are very much aware of this importance.

Our willpower to distinguish ourselves is decisive for the final result. Everything can be discussed, our expertise covers every aspect of the real estate market. Our service is at all times custom to your wishes.

Het Hoofse Huis offers you service according to traditional courtliness. We, Margot en Angèle, would love to meet you and help you realize your wishes.

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