We have decided to leave the door close of our office for your and our safety. We are still working and also visit houses, but with distance. You can reach us by telephone + 31 43 367 4429 or e-mail info@hethoofsehuis.nl

We hope you understand,

Team Het Hoofse Huis

This message concerns students and employees that would like to share:

All owners of the objects we offer online and at Pararius are private landlords. They need to obey the rules of the Municipality of Maastricht (townhall) concerning sharing houses to employees or students. If a landlord not obey these rules, they can receive a sanction (information to receive at the Townhall in Maastricht).

Agent Het Hoofse Huis obeys these rules on behave of our client, the landlord. If we receive a house that would be available for sharing (for students and / or employees) we will explicit mention this in the online presentation. All offers online without the explicit ‘text’ for those who wants to share, we ask you kindly not to react. You will not receive any answer.

We hope we informed you in the best way we can.